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For more than 50 years, AMETEK Power Instruments has been recognized as a global power and process industry leader manufacturing a comprehensive line of measurement, alarm management, transient recording, and utility communication products. AMETEK Power Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with more than 100 manufacturing facilities, sales and service centers around the world.

AMETEK Power Instruments’ turbine engine sensors are found on nearly every major turbine generator in the world. AMETEK’s power and process monitoring equipment, power quality instruments, transducers, meters, event and transient recorders, annunciators and alarm monitors are used worldwide. Many are ISO 9001 and 9002 certified.

Electric power generation is a major market segment for AMETEK Power Instruments. We are a leader in advanced engine sensors and monitoring systems for gas turbines used in electric power generation. AMETEK is also a long-time supplier of temperature, pressure, speed, cable harness, and flame sensor products used by the electric and nuclear power industries.

AMETEK Power Instruments designs and manufactures a full line of power and process-monitoring equipment. A growing array of instruments used to measure, monitor and record variables in the transmission and distribution of electric power are offered through our family of products. In addition, AMETEK has the industry’s most extensive line of control room annunciators, event monitors, and graphic displays.

AMETEK Power Instruments is a leader in the development and manufacturing of sensor systems for boilers and burners used by the utility, petrochemical, process, and marine industries worldwide.

AMETEK Power Instruments’ pressure transducers and transmitters are used in oil, gas and petrochemical production and distribution to operate reliably under harsh and extreme conditions. AMETEK also offers a full line of flame sensors for a wide range of industrial applications as well as custom-engineered electrical thermocouples and fiber-optic cable assembles.




AN-6100C_0391_SILSimple to install, configure and operate and flexible to change, expand and grow to meet future requirements. The AN-6100C has all these qualities along with reliable operation for your most critical needs. The AN-6100C is maintenance free, once installed you will never have to worry about it.

Compact design
Minimal depth behind panel
Bi-directional serial communications
LED Illumination
Software configured
Laser printed legends
Removable terminal blocks

AN6100C Data Sheet



10 x 6.7 RGB, path; Panalarm series 90A, shot 6/04 by Quantum CommunicationsAll of your alarms can include time stamp, synchronized by IRIG-B or our internal clock. This can be presented through Modbus, DNP, OPC or to a local printer or terminal for viewing. Dual ports (serial and Ethernet) can be provided for simultaneous connections to different devices.

Time Stamped Alarms (SER)
LED Illumination (Standard)
Modbus, DNP and OPC Protocols
Dual Communications: serial and multi-user Ethernet
Software Configurable
Laser Printed Legends
Internal Self Diagnostics
Compact Size

AN-3100D Data Sheet



AN-6100C_0015The Model AN-6150 is a compact, cellular display unit which allows a wide variety of customer configurations. Any combination of four standard window sizes can be accommodated in each cell. These cells can be configured in any matrix up to 6 high and 6 wide. The single module is designed to DIN 2.84″ x 5.67″ standard.

The AN-6150 Modular Display Unit is suitable for panel mounting. Six window colors are available which can be back lighted by incandescent lamps. Alternatively, LED lamps are available to meet long life requirements. Legends are laser printed on standard transparency film for easy field changes by the customer. Push-button membrane switches can also be added for Silence, Test, Acknowledge and Reset functions. These units come standard with flush panel mounting brackets and terminal block connections. Please refer to ordering information for additional options.

Low Cost Visual Display
Configurable in 4 Standard Window Sizes
Laser Printed Legends
Easy Installation and Maintenance

AN6150 Data Sheet



DMS 3KThe AMETEK DMS 3k is the direct replacement and upgrade path from the MPAS90 systems, it’s a flexible, remote alarm management system. It captures alarms from digital or analog inputs, displays alarms on the built-in web server and provides outputs to remote annunciator displays and other devices using serial and Ethernet communications. Alarms can be time stamped to the millisecond for sequential events recording and email notification can be provided for critical events.

Modular, Flexible Alarm System
Consists of a 19″ card rack with card slots for I/O modules, CPU and power supply
Each card rack accepts a maximum of 128 inputs and provides up to 240 outputs
Multiple I/O card racks can be interconnected via Ethernet and located anywhere there is a LAN connection making it ideal for distributed applications
Inputs can be digital contacts or analog signals from field sensors
Each I/O card rack can accept up to 128 digital inputs (wet or dry field contacts), 32 analog inputs (4-20mA) or combinations of both
Each I/O card rack provides up to 240 digital (solid state) or relay outputs for driving an annunciator lamp, repeat relay, alarm horn or common alarm output

DMS3K Data Sheet


Panalarm Series 100

AN-6100C_0391_SILAMETEK’s Series 100 Annunciator has all the features you need for an alarm monitoring system. Simple to install, configure and operate, and flexible to change, expand and grow to meet future requirements.

Compact design
Minimal depth behind panel
Bi-directional serial communications
LED illumination
Software configured
Laser printed legends
Removable terminal blocks

Series 100 Data Sheet


Panalarm Series 90A

10 x 6.7 RGB, path; Panalarm series 90A, shot 6/04 by Quantum CommunicationsBased on the highly acclaimed Series 90, AMETEK’s new Model 90A Annunciator brings alarm monitoring to new levels. It has several communication options, can provide time stamped alarms and all features and options are field configurable. Installation and setup have been simplified marking this an ideal fit for new projects or system replacements. The unique software configuration provides more features and functions a mouse click away.

Serial and Ethernet Communications: Modbus, DNP, OPC Protocols
Compact Size
Timed Stamped Alarms (SER)
Software Configurable
LED Illumination (Standard)
Laser Printed Legends
Internal Self Diagnostics

Series 90A Data Sheet


Ametek also offer the following models in Alarm Management:-

AN-3100D-LC Lamp Display
Series 90A-LC Lamp Display
AN-5131 Lamp Display
AN-3196B LED Annunciator
Model 910 LED Annunciator
Model NT2 Horn
Model 57 Single Point Annunciator
Series 90 Annunciator
Series 90B Annunciator
AN-3200 Annunciator

For more information on the above models please feel free to contact us



Platinum 2.5K Portable Multi-Functional Recorder 

Platinum PortableThe Platinum 2.5K Portable Multi-Function Recorder is packaged in a rugged case with quick connect interfaces for fast and simple field connection. Interface cables are provided with shrouded banana jacks that couple easily with a variety of measurement CT’s and voltage scaling devices offering complete flexibility for power utility and industrial use. The Platinum 2.5K Portable Multi-Function Recorder utilizes a 40GB solid state drive that eliminates the need for a mechanical hard drive and stores over 1,000 fault and disturbance records at once.

Rugged portable case with 8 analog and 16 digital inputs
Pre-fabricated interface cables with an extensive range of measurement CT’s
Complete solid state design with no moving parts
Simultaneous recording of high speed fault data, disturbance recording and power quality information
Advanced system swing detection including triggers for power and frequency oscillation
Fault, disturbance and power quality data can be automatically exported in COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111-1999) or PQDIF (IEEE 1159.3)
View analog, digital and computed values in real time
Sequence of events recording provides 1msec resolution on change of state on all monitored contacts
Phasor measurement unit-synchronized phasor measurements, in accordance


Fault Recorder Software
The Fault Recorder product family is enhanced with our full suite of software applications designed to simplify the process of configuring our records, retrieving event information and analyzing the results. Tools like our automated event retrieval and expert analysis provide the quickest results when classifying an abnormal event. Detailed fault analysis is easily accomplished with our set of power analysis tools and flexible display options.

JEMstar II High Accuracy Meter

JemstarIIThe JEMStar II has the highest accuracy in the market, provides many communication options and monitors your power quality to make it the ideal choice for any metering application. An impressive colour display makes it easy to view power measurements, phasor displays and meter diagnostics. The JEMStar II is easy to use and configure with our intuitive JEMWARE software and the meter display provides a user menu to show and edit configuration details.


0.05% accuracy for watt hours (guaranteed for 10 years)
Low current accuracy better than 0.2% RDG at 50 mA

Class 2, 10, 20 current
55-530 VAC Autoranging
16 Channels Load Profile x2 groups
8 GB Non-Volatile RAM

JEMWARE software includes a Configuration Wizard
Built in USB port lets you upload/download

Up to eight communication ports can be supplied:
(3) Serial ports – RS-232 and RS-485
Analog or Cellular Modem Port
(2) Ethernet ports
Supported Communication Protocols:
JEM Binary
ANSI Tables
6 Channel Digital Input/Output
4 Channel Analog Input Output



JEMStar High Accuracy Revenue Meter


High precision and ease of use best describe the JEMStar High Accuracy Revenue Meter. Quick intuitive setup using windows based software makes configuration a breeze.


JEMWARE configuration wizard
Menu-driven graphical display
Site verification tools
Universal form connection
High Accuracy:
0.07% of reading for watt-hours
Simultaneous uncompensated and compensated (TLC, LLC) measurements
Selectable PT/CT gain error correction

Power quality totalization
Digital inputs/outputs, analog outputs
Wide, auto-ranging input (55-530 VAC)
Digital and Analog I/O (under the glass)

Internal modem
Single, Dual RS-232/485 (selectable)
Modem and RS-232/485
Ethernet and RS-232/485
WEB Browser display of measurements and alarms
Built-in Web server



Ci20 Revenue Meter


Ci20AMETEK’s Ci20 Revenue Meter watches over your energy investment in many ways. It has high accuracy measurements, site diagnostics and multiple communication options to ensure maximum usability. Your installation investment is reduced with our innovative software wizard that provides quick set-up and configuration. Inventory and ordering is implified with field upgradeable options using soft switches and plug in boards.

Class 20, Socket Base
Advanced Communication Capability
Dual Serial, Modem and Serial, Ethernet and Serial Modbus, DNP, ANSI Tables Protocols
Field Selectable I/O
Power Quality
Many measurements (Reactive, 4 Quadrant, Bi-directional)
High Accuracy
Site Monitoring
Easy to use Software Configuration Wizard



P&QR Power Quality Recorder 

PQRThe P&QR performs several functions in one:
Power quality monitor–measures voltage and frequency profiles, voltage dips and surges, loss or supply, harmonic content, flicker, voltage and current inbalance
Transient fault recorder–analog inputs are sampled at up to 128 samples per cycle with a maximum record length of 2 seconds
Disturbance Recorder/Logger–analog inputs are sampled at up to 2 samples per cycle with RMS measurements recorded up to one minute
Trend Recording–input and computed quantities are logged as maximum, minimum, and average quantities every minute for up to 16 weeks.
Remote Capabilities-via Ethernet or modem, and the process can be automated using the record’s Auto-Call or Auto-Poll features.
Software–wide range of application software for communicating, configuring, downloading, displaying and analyzing recorded data. Auto-poll/Call automates the complete process of retrieving your recorded data.

Channel input: 4 voltage 4 current
14 bit recording
8 Mbytes internal memory; 6.4 GB hard disk
Measures waveform faults, voltage dips and surges, harmonics, flicker and inbalance
Communications via RS232 serial port and optional Internal modem and Ethernet
Powerful P&Qs software for communications and analysis

Affordable fault and power quality recording
Determine the lowest possible price for power, pays for itself in savings
Large memory capacity allows for long surveys or short concentrated data collection
RFI rejection minimizes the effects of outside interference
Isolates problems with waveform recording
Packaged for 19″ rack mounting, wall mount enclosure and portable configurations


ISM-1 Distributed SER

ISM1A dedicated sequence of events recorder system ensures that all alarms are processed with the same 1 msec resolution, no matter how large or small the event is. These recorders are widely used in power utilities and high speed industrial applications that rely on precise control. A wide variety of input termination and output options allow easy integration into any application.

Feature and Benefits
Up to 6,656 digital contact inputs with system-wide time stamping of events to 1 msec
Distributed architecture using long distance fiber optic communications
Multiple input termination choices – high density rack, panel and shelf
Internal or external time synchronization
Alarms can be serially transmitted to remote Annunciator displays
Share alarm information using ASCII, modbus and OPC interfaces
Uses innovative RiSCue Software

ISM-1 Data Sheet


SERNET Sequence of Events Recorder

SERnetEach SERNET product can work as a stand-alone system monitoring up to 48 digital inputs or multiple SERNET units can be networked together to form a larger system with all events consolidated in one chronological list as they occur. A single WEB browser screen can display alarms from several SERNET units, making it easy to see the interaction between different equipment types or processes. This flexibility makes it easy to analyze alarms across an entire site or even across multiple sites for a larger system view – much better than piecing together a list of alarms from multiple devices.

Features and Benefits
Capture alarms to 1 msec precision across entire system
IEC-61850 complient
40,000 event storage per unit
WEB browser configuration and display of alarms
Network multiple units together for “big picture” view
Time sync via IRIG-B and NTP
Modbus, DNP, ASCII, BACnet protocols
LED indicator per alarm
Email notification
Meets new NERC SER requirements
19″ rack and surface mounting

SERnet Data Sheet

ET-1200 Trip Alarms
The ET-1200 series of electronic alarms and trip units with signal inputs consisting of: current, voltage, thermocouple and RTD.

Full family of dedicated function trip alarms
Adjustable or fixed deadbands
AC power standard, other ranges available
Simple, easy to use and adjust

ET-1200 L/U Single trip AC current/voltage alarm
ET-1202 L/U Dual trip AC current/voltage alarm
ET-1205 Dual trip thermocouple/millivolt alarm
ET-1208 Single trip thermocouple/millivolt alarm, adjustable deadband
ET-1214 Single trip DC current/voltage alarm
ET-1215 Dual trip DC current/voltage alarm
ET-1218 Single trip DC current/voltage alarm, adjustable deadband
ET-1219 Dual trip DC current/voltage alarm, adjustable dadband
ET-1228 Single trip DC current/voltage deviation alarm, adjustable, deadband
ET-1234 Failsafe single trip DC current/voltage alarm
ET-1235 Failsafe dual trip DC current/voltage alarm
ET-1275 Dual trip RTD alarm
ET-1278 Single Trip RTD alarm, adjustable deadband

ET-1200 Data Sheet


SC-1300 Signal Conditioners
The SC-1300 family of signal conditioners can convert the most commonly used process signals into conditioned current and voltage outputs, needed for control systems and monitoring devices. Dedicated functionality and isolation from control systems improves reliability.

Full family of dedicated function signal conditioners
Provides “live” powered analog output, for use with other loop powered devices
AC power standard, other ranges available
Simple, easy to use and adjust

SC-1300 DC current transmitter
SC-1300L/U AC current/voltage transmitter
SC-1300R Slidewire/potentiometer transmitter
SC-1302 DC current/voltage isolating transmitter
SC-1302 4 input hi-lo selector
SC-1324 Median selector
SC-1326 Isolated millvolt transmitter
SC-1326W Isolated thermocouple transmitter
SC-1330 Square root extractor
SC-1350 Frequency transmitter
SC-1352 Multiplier/divider
SC-1354 4 input adder-subtractor
SC-1356 Linear integrator
SC-1358 Square root integrator
SC-1362 Signal limiter
SC-1364 Lead/lag transmitter
SC-1372 Isolated RTD transmitter
SC-1364 RTD Transmitter
SC-1380 Pulse duration transmitter
SC-1382 Pulse duration receiver
SC-1396 Rate-limited signal transmitter
SC-1398 Ratio/bias transmitter

SC-1300 DataSheet



SC-7400 Signal Conditioners
The SC-7400 handles a variety of temperature and process inputs and offers combinations of analog and relay contact outputs. All parameters – such as input and output range, set-points, deadband and burnout – are customer-selectable via software.

One unit can be configured for any temperature and process input — quick drop in replacement
Configurable analog and relay contact outputs
All input and output parameters are software configurable via easy to use Windows based software
Detachable field wiring from Din Mounting base makes for easy replacement
Universal power supply accepts variety of AC and DC power sources

SC-7401 Single Analog Output
SC-7402 Dual Analog Output
SC-7403 Single Alarm Output
SC-7404 Dual Alarm Output
SC-7405 Single Analog and Signal Alarm Output

SC-7400 DataSheet