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P&QR Power & Quality Recorder

The P&QR is a comprehenisve power and quality monitor that comes in a variety of packages: 19″ rack mount, wall mount, and portable. It features a large memory, and automatic event retrieval making it an ideal monitor for unmanned applications.


The P&QR performs several functions in one:

  • Power quality monitor-measures voltage and frequency profiles, voltage dips and surges, loss or supply, harmonic content, flicker, voltage and current inbalance
  • Transient fault recorder-analog inputs are sampled at up to 128 samples per cycle with a maximum record length of 2 seconds
  • Disturbance Recorder/Logger-analog inputs are sampled at up to 2 samples per cycle with RMS measurements recorded up to one minute
  • Trend Recording-input and computed quantities are logged as maximum, minimum, and average quantities every minute for up to 16 weeks.
  • Remote Capabilities-via Ethernet or modem, and the process can be automated using the record’s Auto-Call or Auto-Poll features.
  • Software-wide range of application software for communicating, configuring, downloading, displaying and analyzing recorded data. Auto-poll/Call automates the complete process of retrieving your recorded data.


  • Channel input: 4 voltage 4 current
  • 14 bit recording
  • 8 Mbytes internal memory; 6.4 GB hard disk
  • Measures waveform faults, voltage dips and surges, harmonics, flicker and inbalance
  • Communications via RS232 serial port and optional Internal modem and Ethernet
  • Powerful P&Qs software for communications and analysis


  • Affordable fault and power quality recording
  • Determine the lowest possible price for power, pays for itself in savings
  • Large memory capacity allows for long surveys or short concentrated data collection
  • RFI rejection minimizes the effects of outside interference
  • Isolates problems with waveform recording
  • Packaged for 19″ rack mounting, wall mount enclosure and portable configurations


Meridian Quatro


The Quatro is a powerful portable monitor that provides simultaneous power, harmonic, transient and flicker analysis for single or three-phase circuits. It’s the perfect tool for identifying voltage sags and swells, performing energy studies to optimize your electricity usage, and solving problems associated with harmonics and voltage flicker.


The Meridian Quatro is easy to use and has the capacity to store up to six months of data. The measurements are easily downloaded to your computer with our RS-232 Serial Port or with an optional infrared receiver. The Quatro measurements are viewed with our powerful analysis software used with all our products. The Meridian software provides on the spot analysis with pre-configured graphs that include time plots of all your measurements, summary reports and harmonic spectrums. Or you can automate the analysis using our report generator that provides one complete report of your entire survey.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use, predefined configurations and automated analysis
  • Low cost unit, includes powerful analysis software
  • Advanced single and three-phase power quality monitoring and recording
  • Simultaneous power, harmonic, transient and flicker analysis, with 8 KHz sampling
  • Selectable storage size from one day to six months
  • Compact, lightweight weatherproof enclosure