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Macher Distribution is the supplier of instrumentation for the process and powers industries.

Your trusted distributor for Control & Instrumentation Products

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Speak to one of our parts distribution experts who have a wealth of experience providing timely and detailed information.

We are Macher Distribution

Macher Distribution Limited is a privately owned British company established in 2000, specialising in supplying Control and Instrumentation Products to the Domestic and Export Markets.

Staffed by engineers with a wealth of experience, and who have in many cases worked for the companies represented, Macher is well placed to provide in depth product and application backup.

The cornerstone of the company is our support, Macher makes every effort to provide a timely and detailed response to all customer enquiries.

About us

Reasons to use Macher

  • Quick quoting process
  • Unique industry understanding
  • Great supplier relationships
  • Customer requirements met
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Our suppliers

We supply everything from control equipment to calibration instruments. The products we supply are from trusted suppliers of control, measurement and data recording solutions, calibration instruments for temperature, pressure and Process signals.

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