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NUFLO Flow Computer


The 2000 series NUFLO Scanner Flow Computer comprises of four models. NUFLO Scanner 2000, 2100, 2105 and 2200. Each provides the same user interface experience but vary in form and capability by model.
The ability to match the optimal amount of sophistication and scalability to an application is a differentiated characteristic of Sensia. A great example of this is the NUFLO Scanner 2000 flow computer that is renowned for its simplicity and efficiency as a chart recorder replacement and also its ability to self-network with a 3000 Series QRATE Scanner to contribute to a multi-stream measurement and automation network. Sensia’s fault tolerant WLAN wireless and wired multi-drop capabilities are compliant to API 21.1 and many other measurement standards.
The 2000 Series NUFLO Scanner Flow Computers are renowned for their simplicity and efficiency as a chart recorder replacement and with expansion I/O for their scalability and adaptability to a spectrum of measurement, monitoring and control applications.
Their internal energy source supports many months of autonomous operation even when deployed in Sensia’s fault tolerant WLAN wireless or multi-drop wired automation strategies.

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