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Sage Paramount Flow Meter


he Sage Paramount™ is our newest industrial thermal mass flow meter, including state-of-the-art components, a NEMA 4X enclosure, a fast response to rapid temperature fluctuations, and a well-thought-out terminal arrangement with a 3-way switch for externally, internally, or isolating the 4–20 mA. All Paramount orders include the free SageCom™ software, which provides the ability to reconfigure your meter settings (including changing the gas mix) and to run three performance validation checks followed by a printed report. The software also includes data logging and a 4–20 mA loop check.
fcnThe Paramount™ includes a separate mini-USB connector (cable supplied) within the back terminal enclosure, connecting to your PC. This connector is independent of the normal Modbus communication channel allowing validation or reconfigurability of your Paramount via SageCom even while its standard Modbus output is connected to a network of additional Paramount meters going to the SCADA system.
The Paramount’s display is bright, has a high-contrast photo-emissive OLED (Organic LED) demonstrating flow rate, total, and temperature. Additionally, the flow rate displays in a horizontal bar graph. The Paramount thermal mass flow meter is available in an integral (Model 401) or remote style (Model 402). The remote-style meter has lead-length compensation up to 1000 feet and an explosion-proof junction box. The meter comes standard in Cl I Div 2, with Division 1 optional.

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