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M-System established in 1972 in Osaka, Japan, has been writing a unique history as a manufacturer specializing in “INTERFACE” equipment. From its beginning manufacturing surge protection devices for the industrial market, to today’s cost effective network I/O products.

M-System has interface solution that are second to none. We supply high-quality electronic equipment which meets the diverse requirements for signal conditioners, limit alarms, power transducers, remote I/O devices, lightning surge protectors and other unique process control equipment, which are needed to “INTERFACE” in the field of process and factory automation.


M-System products

Signal Conditioners 

Signal_ConditionersA signal conditioner is used to condition and convert a field sensor signal suitable for processing with the PLC/DCS in a wide variety of process plants and factories. Typical applications are:

Signal conversion
Signal isolation to stop ground loops
Signal boosting to increase load drive capability

M-System signal conditioners are available with wide combinations of process signal I/O, power input and mounting configuration. Additionally, M-System offers the broadest line of signal splitters available.

M-System Signal Conditioners


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IndicatorsA panel installed meter, digital or bargraph, provides not only process signal indication but also a combination of signal conditioning, limit alarm and control functions. Basic and extended applications are:

Signal indication by LED or LCD display
Signal conversion by transmitter output
Alarm and emergency shutdown by relay outputs
ON/OFF control by relay outputs

A field indicator is used for local indication for operators’ convenience while signals from sensors and transmitters installed throughout a large installation of tanks and pipelines are typically transmitted to a control/monitoring station via 4-20 mA current line. The loop powered indicator is simple to install and wire, and reliable and durable in an explosive/corrosive environment.

M-System Indicators

Featured Product

48N Series
9/64 DIN size (36 x 144 mm)
101-segment, 3 mm wide LED
Red, amber, green and blue colors
Alarm and/or transmitter output optional
Vertical or horizontal mounting
Custom scale with no extra cost
IP 65 front panel
Separable terminal block


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Limit Alarms 
Limit_AlarmsA limit alarm is used to provide one or more relay/contact outputs when a monitored process signal goes out of
Pre-selected high or low limits. Typical applications are:

Trouble warning (annunciators)
Emergency shutdown
ON/OFF control

M-System limit alarms are available with wide combinations of process signal I/O and power input, featuring also various setpoint access means.

Programmable alarms feature enhanced programmable functions such as failsafe operation, deadband, delay time, latching relay and others, while analog alarms feature basic but easy setting.

M-System Alarms


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Power Transducers 
Power_TransducersTransducers for electrical measurement are an essential part of any monitoring, measuring, or controlling system where electrical quantities are involved. For example, a power transducer monitors both AC current and voltage to measure/calculate true electrical power delivered to a load and converts it to a DC voltage or current signal proportional to the measured power.

Multi power monitors are capable of open network interface such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, CC-Link and
LONWORKS, which are commonly used for modern energy measurement and management systems to achieve energy saving.

M-System Power Transducers



Featured Product

Model 53U Multi Power Monitor

M-System model 53U is a 96-mm-square Multi LCD Power Monitor mounted on a panel surface.

Single-phase/2-wire and 3-wire, three-phase/3-wire and 4-wire systems
Three line measured value/bargraph indicators plus energy count/info display
Modbus, Ao, Di/Do options
Up to 31st harmonic distortion measurement
Software lock
IP 50 front panel

53U Data Sheet


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Tower Light 

Tower_LightEnergy saving, maintenance free LED lights
Direct Modbus/TCP and CC-Link control saves wiring and cost
Wireless LAN access point and infrastructure mode (IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz)
Bright and even illumination thanks to M-System’s original reflection system
Number and color of LED modules can be freely combined
Rugged IP 65 construction is ideal for harsh industrial applications

M-System Tower Light


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Remote I/O
Remote_ioRemote I/O supports DCS/PLC systems by expanding I/O flexibility in addition to providing all full channel-to-channel isolation. It communicates directly to the PLC and DCS via industry standard open-protocol networks.

Remote I/O can be also used as stand-alone distributed I/O communicating with popular HMI software. It can be located remotely in the field, or within an instrumentation cabinet such as test stands.

The flexibility and scalability of M-System’s Remote I/O supports future system upgrades with full isolation between power-communication-I/O and between analog channels. Economical non-isolated analog modules are also selectable.

Applications include: signal concentrator, data collection in flow and level monitoring, injection molding monitoring and control, test stands and prototyping, glass furnace temperature control, paint booth environment reporting, pharmaceutical processes, and assembly line discrete ON/OFF.

M-System Remote I/O


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Paperless Recording System 

RecorderReplace paper chart recorders and save cost of supplies and maintenance. Environmentally friendly data recording solution – no chart paper, pens and cartridges

M-System Paperless Recording


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PC Recorder 

M-System’s PC Recorder Series provides a low cost industrial grade data acquisition system using free combinations of remote I/O hardware and monitoring/recording software.

Field I/Os connect directly to the remote I/O modules and data is transmitted via Modbus RTU protocol over an RS-485 network. Ethernet network, Modbus TCP/IP protocol, is also usable either directly by Ethernet I/O modules or via a protocol converter by Modbus RTU I/O modules.

M-System PC Recorder


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Web Data Loggers 
Web_LoggersThe DL8 Series use Internet and Your Own Smart Phone To Build Up Remote Monitoring System

Simple remote monitoring via internet without needing to build up a complex PC based system
Pre-installed user-friendly browser view for remote data access through smart phones or tablets
Reporting by e-mails
Local data stored in an SD card memory
Various network protocols are usable: TCP/IP, SMTP client, HTTP server, FTP client and server, Modbus/TCP master and slave
R8 Series remote I/O modules available to accept a wide variety of field signals

DL8 Data Sheet


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PID Control Components 
PIDMulti-Function PID Controller, Highly visible Colour Graphic LCD, Intuitive Touch Panel Operaion.

Two loops of PID control
2 x universal inputs, 4 x analog inputs, 5 x contact or pulse inputs, 1 x high speed pulse input
DCS in instrument format
Auto tuning function
Ideal for replacing existing instruments
High reliability for demanding process use – Built-in manual loader with enhanced security features
Host communication via Modbus Ethernet TCP/IP or RS-485 RTU
Peer-to-peer communication via NestBus to expand number of I/Os
IP 55 front panel

M-System PID Control Components


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Temperature Controllers 

TemperatureTwo PID controllers
Universal input x 2 points, control output x 4 points, discrete input x 2 points, clamp-on current sensor input x 2 points
2 universal inputs configurable to T/C, RTD, DC current or voltage independently
Clamp-on current sensor input enables to detect heater wire break or over current
Auto tuning function
Display – PV display: 5 digits 7-segment green LED, 19.5 mm (.77”) height

M-System Temperature Controllers


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Lightening Surge Protectors 
LighteningM-System Surge Protectors absorb only the lightning surges with no interruption of the instrumentation signal.

They are designed for the rugged industrial environment. Products range from the standard factory floor signals such as 4-20mA, thermocouple, RTD and strain gauge to filtering and protecting the AC Power in instrument panels.

Protecting sensors, signal and power lines, communication networks
Excellent protection by multi-stage SPD: extra protection by a series resistance with diodes to limit current flow in addition to the discharge element at the first stage
Each model identified by specific sensors or devices to be protected; with carefully chosen specifications to provide maximum protection
One-port surge protectors are also available for power line protection

M-System Lightening Surge Protectors


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