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NUFLO MC-III EXP Flow Analyzer


For state-of-the art liquid and gas measurement with data logging and Modbus® communications in an easy-to-use explosion-proof totalizer, nothing compares with the NUFLO MC-III EXP Explosion-Proof Flow Totalizer. The NUFLO MC-III EXP Explosion-Proof Flow Totalizer stores more flow logs and downloads them faster than any other flow analyzer on the market. This powerhouse records up to 384 daily flow logs, 768 hourly logs, 345 event logs and downloads them to your computer via Modbus in less than a minute.
Now available as a stand-alone totalizer or as a complete Totalizer-and-Flow Meter system, certified for explosion-proof (CSA) or (ATEX/IECEX) applications.

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