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Ametek Calibration

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and developers of calibration instruments for temperature, pressure and process signals as well as for temperature sensors both from a commercial and a technological point of view.

AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments has its headquarters in Denmark and consists of two production facilities: AMETEK Denmark A/S which is based in Allerød, Denmark, and Mansfield & Green based in Largo, Florida, USA. Both locations have R&D, production, sales, and service facilities.


Ametek Calibration products


Highly portable and fast precision thermometers. Dry-block and liquid bath temperature calibrators: 6 series, with more than 25 models and temperature ranges from -100° to 1205°C.
All featuring portability, accuracy, speed and advanced documenting functions with JOFRACAL calibration software.

RTC Series – Reference Temperature Calibrator
Temperature range: -100° to 700°C
With DLC system for perfect temperature homogenity in the insert – even when calibrating large sensors or many sensors at a time.

PTC Series – Professional Temperature Calibrator
Temperature range: -90° to 660°C
With active dual zone block, intelligent reference sensors, new STS-150 reference sensor, USB connection, easy-to-read colour display and extremely user-friendly navigation.

ITC Series – Industrial Temperature Calibrator
Temperature range: -23° to 650°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.18°C
The ITC series employs the slim and rugged design of the CTC series. This series also features the intuitive user interface, the clear LCD display, and the functionality that is used in the successful CTC series.

CTC Series – Compact Temperature Calibrator
Temperature range: -17° to 1200°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.4°C
An economical solution for a timesaving and reliable true temperature calibrator. Ideal for on-site use. Save time with the automatic step function and the fully automatic thermo switch test.

MTC Series – Marine Temperature Calibrator
Temperature range: -17° to 650°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.4°C
An economical solution for a timesaving and reliable true temperature calibrator. Ideal for on-site use. Save time with the automatic step function and the fully automatic thermo switch test.

ETC Series – Easy Temperature Calibrator
Temperature range: -10° to 400°C, 12-month accuracy to ±0.5°C
This may be the fastest dry-block temperature calibrator on the market. Complete a dual point test in less than 10 minutes. The small physical size makes it fit the tool box, can go anywhere, and be used at installations difficult to reach.


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CalibratorConvenient electronic systems ranging from -1 to 1,000 bar (25 inHg to 14,500 psi) – wide choice of pressure ranges, pumps and accuracies, fully temperature-compensated for problem-free and accurate field use.

Delivered as individual indicators or as complete calibration systems ready to use in a carrying case, including pump, hose, set of fittings, batteries, test leads, user manual, and a traceable calibration certificate

HPC40 Series – Handheld Pressure Calibrator
The world’s first combined pressure and mA loop calibrator to be fully temperature compensated from -20 to 50°C
You can count on the same accuracy whether measuring pressure, current, voltage, or temperature. With 0.035% of reading pressure accuracy, ranges from vacuum to 15 000 psi, and a connection to combine with an APM CPF Series external pressure module, the HPC40 Series offers the widest pressure range in a single small handheld calibrator.

nVision Reference Recorder
Accuracy to: ± 0.025 % of reading. Pressure ranges to: 15 000 psi / 1000 bar. ATEX Intrinsically Safe.
The nVision Reference Recorder unifies the recording capability of a chart recorder, the high accuracy of a deadweight tester, and the continuous measurements of a pressure gauge into one tool. Store up to 1 million data points and view a graph on the instrument itself, or download to a secure, tamper-proof document.

XP2i Digital Test Gauge
Accuracy: ± 0.1 % of reading. Pressure ranges to: 15 000 psi / 1000 bar. ATEX Intrinsically Safe.
The world’s most popular digital test gauge combines laboratory accuracy with an ultra-rugged, marine-grade enclosure, making it the ideal instrument for in-field, intrinsically safe calibrations. The optional DataLoggerXP upgrade turns the XP2i into a data recorder that can store more than an entire year of continuous recording on one set of batteries.

30 Series Digital Pressure Calibrator
Accuracy: ± 0.05 % of reading. Pressure ranges to: 5000 psi / 300 bar. ATEX Intrinsically Safe.
Field proven worldwide since 1996, the 30 Series Calibrator is a wide range pressure calibrator that fits easily into a shirt pocket. With room for two pressure ports and milliamp inputs, the 30 Series can calibrate transmitters, gauges, regulators, and sensors.

HPC600 – Handheld Pressure Calibrator
With built-in electrical pump
The new HPC600 features a built-in electrical pump capable of generating up to 20 bar at the single touch of a button.

M1 Digital Test Gauge
Accuracy: ± 0.2 % of reading. Pressure ranges to: 10 000 psi / 700 bar.
More durable than any mechanical gauge, and featuring of reading pressure accuracy, one M1 can replace up to 5 standard gauges. This Combined with a two year recommended calibration interval, make the M1 the most cost efficient gauge you will own.

HPC550Ex Family – Handheld Pressure Calibrator
Intrinsically safe
The pressure calibrator of choice in potential explosive atmospheres. The HPC550/552Ex calibrators complies with ATEX / IECEx certifications and are an extension of JOFRA´s well known pressure calibrator range.

HPC400 – Handheld Pressure Calibrator
The new HPC400 is designed for easy and reliable check and calibration of pressure. A great field instrument with many extra features

MGC Series – Marine Gauge Calibrator
The MGC series is the flexible pressure calibration systems to optimize the performance of the vessel. The MGC series is using quality mechanical gauges as the pressure reference – just connect the reference gauge and the unit under test to the hydraulic pump and perform the calibration.

M&G deadweight testers (primary standards)
Deadweight testers are superior to all digital systems. Use the deadweight testers as your company’s primary standard or to calibrate very critical pressure gauges as in custody transfer applications.

HPC500 Family – Handheld Pressure Calibrator
Single or dual sensor versions
The HPC500 family has been designed to meet high accuracy pressure calibration applications and facilitate your tasks.


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SignalProcess signal measurement and simulation for easy control loop calibration and measurement tasks – from handheld field instruments to laboratory reference level bench top instruments.

ASC-400 – Advanced Signal Calibrator
ASC-400 is our new Advanced Signal Calibrator combining all your favorite features such as % error calculation, scaling, leak-testing, and switch calibrating.

AMC910 – Advanced Multi-purpose Calibrator
The AMC910 calibrator offers laboratory grade accuracy, high performance and simple-to-use functionalities. With the optional external pressure modules, the system may be taylored to address all possible calibration needs.

CSC101 – Compact Signal Calibrator
The CSC101 compact signal calibrator packs a lot of features into a rugged, handheld design that is both easy to use and highly accurate.

CSC201 – Compact Signal Calibrator
The CSC201 compact signal calibrator offers users an easy-to-use, handheld device for calibrating thermocouples and RTD’s

ASM – Advanced Signal Multi-scanner
The ASM series is an eight channel scanner controlled by JOFRACAL software. Up to 3 ASM units can be stacked to calibrate up to 24 sensors simultaneously. Handles signals from 2-, 3- and 4 wire RTD’s, TC’s, transmitters, thermisters, temperature switches and voltage.

mAcal – mA Loop Calibrator
The mAcal mA loop calibrator generates and measures the current in the loop on 2-wire transmitters including 24 VDC loop supply. The built-in functions contribute to control time saving, process optimization, safe measurements and reduced costs.


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SensorsThe FP product line includes a complete range of thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers, measuring inserts, thermo-couples of precious as well as base material, thermocouple wire, extension wire, temperature transmitters and portable digital thermometers.

Complete range of thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers
Thermocouples of precious as well as base material
Standard and custom designed temperature sensors of high quality for all kind of solutions and applications
Standard products are fully documented and for customer specified sensors, we make product specifications, detailed construction and customer drawings

Unique selection system
Based on long-standing experience with development, production and sales of FP industrial temperature sensors, AMETEK Calibration Instruments has worked out a unique selection system facilitating the work when ordering temperature sensors – and at the same time ensuring you the optimal choice. The system can handle several million types without sacrifice of clarity. Only 51 “spec sheets” and the “Sensor Guide” now enable the user to design and adapt the sensor, which is best suited to the application.

Customized RTD´s and Thermocouples for OEM´s
As it is our objective to be a company specialized in temperature measurement, with a high know-how and service level, AMETEK Calibration Instruments can provide much more than just standard sensors and assemblies. Our long experience, developing and producing industrial temperature sensor, provides us with a wide knowledge about applications and customer needs, enabling us to build and deliver quick and custom-designed quality temperature sensors for all kinds of solutions and applications no matter what industry.


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MeasureDTI-1000 – Reference Digital Temperature Indicator
Temperature range: -200 to 750°C, accuracy to ±0.004°C
The DTI-1000 with an STS-probe is a fully traceable thermometer recommended as the reference instrument to verify the true temperature in any type of temperature calibrator, liquid bath, or dry-block calibrator.

DTI050 – Digital Temperature Indicator
DTI050 digital temperature indicator is easy to use, fast response, low drift, accuracy up to ± 0.005 ˚C, with the STS series of high-precision smart temperature sensor, DTI050 furnace or as a dry sump, or direct measurement of the reference standard in the process industry


For more information on the above models please feel free to contact us